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Fosscati Motorised Bikes: 2-Strokes.

Two-stroke engines are comparatively less expensive to buy and install than four-stroke motors and 2-stroke models consequently cost less.  The two-stroke motor runs on a mix of petrol and semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil at a rate of approximately 25 to 1.   They have remarkable pulling power on hills but it is adviseable to stop every half hour and allow the motor to cool down for 5 minutes. If this sounds like frequent stopping and starting consider that half an hour equates to about 18 kms when cruising so the scenery should at least change between stops.  It is also essential to not exceed 25 km\hr during the running in period.  With proper care and careful running in these motors will reward you handsomely with smooth running and quick response to the throttle in later life.  Options are available to install a jackshaft so the motor drives to a chainring on the pedal drive side (right hand side) and therefor drives the motor through the bicycle’s own gears.  This will increase the top speed considerably and it enables the bike to climb anything a horse can climb by itself.  The greatest advantage of the jackshaft is that the engine can run at lower revs at cruising speed and thus prolong engine life.  Spare parts are available for all 2-stroke Fosscati motors and the motors can also be purchased as a separate kit with all the components needed for the owner to install on their own bike but those bikes do not have the warranty of a Fosscati-built 2-stroke.  Fosscati bikes are assembled with a great deal of skill and know-how that only comes from having ridden vast distances on each type of Fosscati.

Giacomo on a Rotary Cruiser. The quietest engine available.

Fosscati also sell and service a wide range of Rotary Bike & Tricycle 2-strokes using the German designed Sachs replica motor (see bottom of page)

Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Climber Motored Bicycle

Price: Depends on availability & price of bike but about $2250 should cover everything

The Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Climber is a popular and very comfortable motorised bike  for journeys of up to 30 kms.  The Giant Elwood frame comes with telescopic front forks and large 700C wheels that not only allow the bike to cruise faster at lower revs but also accommodate bumps noticeably better than a 26 inch wheel.  High rise handlebars provide a better riding position.  This bike pulls strongly up the steepest of gradients which is a trait shown by all the 2-stroke models.

The new 2011 Fosscati Chincogan Climber uses and alloy Avanti Discovery with 24 speed Shimano gears, double walled alloy Weinman 700C rims, sprung comfy saddle, Australian steel engine fixings and quality alloy extras to ensure Fosscati quality that will not only last but will maintain a high second hand value.  This model can also use a Giant Cypress3 bike.  Frame sizes are tailored to fit the client.  There is no one size fits all philosophy at Fosscati. Every bike is precision made to measure – hand made for pleasure.

2007 Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Climber motorised bicycle using a Giant Elwood. High rise handlebars & large 700C wheels make for superb comfort.

2007 Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Climber motorised bicycle. High rise handlebars & large 700C wheels make for superb comfort.

2011 Model Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Climber using Avanti Discovery 2 with special paint job and alloy fenders and rack. Total quality for $2350.00

2011 Model Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Climber using Avanti Discovery 2 with special paint job and alloy fenders and rack. Total quality for $2350.00

2011 Model Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Climber using Avanti Discovery 2 with special paint job and alloy fenders and rack. Total quality for $2350.00

2011 Model Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Climber using Avanti Discovery 2 with special paint job and alloy fenders and rack. Total quality for $2350.00

The first Fosscati ever built was a FG2 48cc in 2004. Even then we knew to include mudguards, good front suspension & disc brakes, a big sprung saddle, lights and alloy rack with panniers on a high quality Merida bicycle. The handlebars could have been raised and longer brake & gear cables installed throughout. Not bad for a first attempt!

For more information on the step-thru ladies bicycle click on the image above and scroll down the page.

Fosscati FG2 Tincogan Thumper (2009 Model) Motorised Bicycle:

This attempt to produce a cheaper Fosscati was hastily abandoned and the experience will not be repeated!

 The Fosscati FG2 Tincogan Thumper was introduced at Xmas 2009 and was designed to offer a reliable motorised bike at as low a price as possible.  This model was discontinued because the Micargi bike frames were not good enough. “Cheap ain’t good and good ain’t cheap”  is the lesson learned from this experimental model!  Fosscati will not be repeating the experience.

The FG2 Tincogan Thumper offered a 48cc or a 66cc two-stroke engine from a reputable supplier that outclasses all the competition.  Many two-stroke engine suppliers are offering engines that have been subjected so much “Chinese quality fade” that they break within a week or a month but Fosscati’s engines are from a reputable factory that is willing to offer 3 months of warranty on all engines.  Fosscati Garages would not even consider using most of the kit engines currently available because of their poor record for defective worksmanship.  More information on Chinese quality fade can be found at: 

The Fosscati FG2 Tincogan Thumper motorised bicycle was offered only in all black livery and cost $1500 for the basic model as shown in the picture below.  It had a black steel cruiser frame, black wheel rims, black spokes, black tank, black engine and was an awesome looking machine.  The special plus features of this model was the twin V-brakes, mudguards (an essential on a motored bicycle)  and 7 speed derailleur gears.  Black wide balloon tyres were also standard.

It was intended to provide a lot of quality for a low price and the model was becoming popular but the quality of the cheaper Micargi bikes was just not good enough and within a month the model was discontinued.

Optional extras included thornproof tubes and anti-puncture slime, suspended saddle post and high quality alloy rear rack  – these are usually standard on Fosscati models.

A Fosscati FG2 Tincogan Thumper nears completion

The FG2 Chincogan Chaser is the most basic model in the Fosscati range. It had style but the quality was compromised in the choice of Bike. This model was discontinued shortly after its launch.

Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Chaser (2010 Model) Motorised Bicycle:

The FG2 Chincogan Chaser has a choice of 48cc or 66cc two-stroke engine in a Schwinn Alloy 3 spd Cruiser.  The original version shown below had 7 speed Shimano Mega-Range derailleur gears plus front and rear V-brakes but Schwinn no longer make this bike with derailleur gears and the equivalent Schwinn now has 3 speed Shimano Nexus hub gears and a rear coaster brake but comes with steel fenders coloured to match the livery.  The Schwinn Alloy Cruiser is a very well made bike with beautiful welding on the frame and a lovely paint finish as the picture below clearly shows. Sadly, Schwinn have decided to discontinue all their alloy cruisers with this classic beach cruiser frame from 2010. This frame design has been around since the mid 1930s and Schwinn’s new range of cruiser bikes are certainly not an improvement on this classic design.  The current Schwinn cruiser range do not adapt well to motorising and hopefully the classic Californian beach cruiser frames will make a return in the near future.

Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Chaser 2010 model. The Chincogan Chaser now comes with 3 speed hub gears on a Schwinn Alloy Beach Cruiser

The 2010 Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Chaser has light & dark teal metallic livery with tank colour computer matched & sprayed with 2pack & clearcoat. Look at those beautiful alloy welds on the tubing!

2011 model Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Chaser with new high compression engine and angled spark plug. Schwinn have discontinued making the classic alloy cruisers using the 1934 California Beach Cruiser design so stocks of old frames are limited. The new Schwinn cruiser range are not good enough to use and the new owners of the brand seem to know very little about bicycle design. Welcome to the future!

A coaster brake has the advantage of not needing a brake lever on the left handlebar thus allowing the clutch lever to go there instead.  Coaster brakes are good in snow and rain because they are protected from the elements but to Giacomo’s thinking they are a vestigial remnant from the 1940s when some bright spark decided a toddler’s legs were more powerful than its arms and decided to use the coaster brake on childrens bicycles.  In Giacomo’s opinion the coaster brake should have been consigned to the dustbin of history decades ago but plenty of people seem to love them and Giacomo is slowly starting to like them more himself because they are a very low maintenance brake.  An alternative sometimes used by Fosscati is to run both the front and rear brake cables to a single dual cabled brake lever but about 20% braking capacity is lost by doing this. However even 80% efficiency of two good Schwinn V-brakes provide ample stopping power when set up well.  This bike is one of the most beautiful of the Fosscati range and the quality throughout is superb.  Nobody builds a bike to this standard except Fosscati.  Look closely to see what we mean by quality.  The welding on the Schwinn alloy frame is really beautiful.

The 2010 Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Chaser includes special paint job, alloy rack & thornproof tubes with slime. Fosscati style & finish to the highest standards.

To understand more about Fosscati quality click on the link below:

The Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Chaser now comes with 3 speed hub gears on a Schwinn Alloy Beach Cruiser

The FG2 Chincogan Chaser now comes with steel fenders colured to match, Shimano Nexus 3 speed hub gears and an alloy rear rack

The FG2 Chincogan Chaser is a comparatively light bicycle that can be lifted up steps etc

Fosscati FG2 Chincogan Chaser 2006 model. A really beautiful bike.

Fosscati Motorised Bicycles also sell Rotary bikes with the Sachs engine:

The Sport:


The new alloy framed Rotary Sport is now available in 3 frame sizes; 15″, 18″ and 21″.Click on the images above for higher-res image.


  • Rotary’s 2-stroke 30cc 197watt power unit
  • 18 speed pedal gears
  • MX style poly mudguards
  • Sturdy centre-stand
  • Metallic Blue/Silver colour scheme


Maximum Power Assistance (Effective Power): 197 Watts @ 130r/min, measured at OUTPUT spindle (shaft HP).
Maximum speed under power: 25km/h on level ground (average 23km/h)
Fuel Consumption: 65km/Litre (@ 24km/h)
Fuel tank capacity: 1.9 Litres usable (2.2L total)
Fuel requirement: U.L.P & 2-stroke oil @ mixture of 50:1
Weight : 30kg (max load 100kg)


$2199 inc GST + freight.

KX70 With Disc Brake

Click image to enlarge
Teaming up with the well known brand Pro-Gear, the power assisted KX70 brings a top quality power assisted bicycle to Australians, available in 3 sizes; 15″, 18″ and 21″.


  • 18 Speed pedal gears
  • Sturdy centre stand
  • Matt Black / Grey colour scheme
  • Carry rack type fuel tank
  • Front Disc Brake
  • Rotary’s 2-Stroke 30cc 197watt power unit


Maximum Power Assistance (Effective Power): 197 Watts @ 130r/min, measured at OUTPUT spindle (shaft HP).
Maximum Speed (under power): 25Km/h on level ground (average 23km/h)
Fuel Consumption: 65 Km/Litre @ cruise
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.9 litres usable
Fuel Requirement: U.L.P & 2-stroke oil @ ratio of 50:1
Net Weight: 29 Kg


$2399inc GST + freight.



Click image to enlarge
Standard colour is black with other colour schemes available as an optional extra.   See picture below for examples of typical custom paint schemes we have done for those who want to get attention in the street like no other bike.


  • Rotary’s 30cc 197watt power unit
  • Front disc brake with alloy Teny rim
  • 18 speed pedal gears
  • Generator lighting system
  • Colour-coded wheels
  • Large sprung saddle,mirrors & colour coded fenders


Maximum Power Assistance (Effective Power): 197 Watts @ 130r/min, measured at OUTPUT spindle (shaft HP).
Maximum speed under power: 25km/h on level ground (average 23km/h)
Fuel consumption: 60km per litre @ steady 22km/h
Fuel tank capacity: 4.5L (usable)


$2499inc GST + freight.



Motorised Tricycle:

Motorised Trike with Rotary Motor Price: $2750

  Price: $2750

FOSSCATI / McFARLANE CAR TRAILER for transporting your bicycle   – price: $1800.00

Fosscati BM Trailer

Fully roadworthy approved car trailer incl. box top (ONLY $1800.00)

This trailer is purpose made and comes supplied with rego plates etc.  It also comes with a box cover & can be used for general purposes when not required for transporting your Fosscati Motorised Bicycle.



FONO: 02 6680 5740

or, if calling from outside Australia:  (612) 805740

CELLULARE:  o431 417588

or, if calling from outside Australia:  +61431 417588

See The Movie: Forza Fosscati – Bikes in action

FORZA FOSSCATI - Motorized Bicycles in Action FORZA FOSSCATI – Motorized Bicycles in Action

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“4-stroke Fosscati Motorised Bicycles in Action in and around Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia”

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  1. Video Plumber permalink
    April 4, 2010 11:26 am

    These are fantastic Nothing like these in America I have checked

    • June 24, 2010 12:33 pm

      Thanks Video Plumber. Im pretty fussy about quality because the point of it all is environmental sustainability and a crud bike isn’t sustainable.

  2. John Donaldson permalink
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    Wow Giacomo, That 2011 Indian is a really gorgeous machine. Love the detail on her. I loved the 2010 Indian as well but I think you have excelled yourself even more this time.
    John Donaldson

    • July 4, 2011 2:58 pm

      Thanks heaps John. My bikes are certainly a labour of love and, like with a good book, I slow down towards the end to prolong the enjoyment.

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