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CITYSCAPE EZine – Article about Fosscati Bikes JULY-2009

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CITYSCAPE CREATIVE CITIES A digest of information on creative innovative and sustainable global cities

From 'Building Design' magazine UK October 2009


Article from The Byron Echo about Fosscati Motorised Bicycles (March 2009)



Giacomo Fosscati has not had a customer yet who has been unhappy with their Fosscati Motorized Bike.  The nicest testimonials seem to come from those who have bought the top of the motorised bike range, the legendary Fosscati FG4 Billinudgel Bullet.

If you want to buy a Fosscati and want to speak to someone who has owned the model you are interested in and who can testify as to what they think of their motored bicycle, we will gladly give you telephone numbers of happy customers who will be pleased to tell you their experience of their Fosscati.  Just ask Giacomo on and he will send you contact details of people to call or write to in your locality.



Almost four years ago I had the good fortune to acquire an early Fosscati two-stroke. It has run like a dream since then – up hill and down dale across the Northern Rivers District of New South Wales.

Riding the Fosscati has opened a new world of two wheeled adventure and freedom.

Aldo Murano

Ocean Shores



In Jan 2009 I lost my licence for 6 months so I decided to buy a motorised bike to tide me over. I wanted to get an electric bike but could not find one that held its charge long enough for me to travel from Brunswick Heads to Byron Bay and back which I needed to do at least twice a week.  Anyway I ended up buying a Billinudgel Bullet from Giacomo.  It really did the trick getting me to Byron Bay and back and beyond in grand style.


Having ridden an unmotorised bicycle a fair bit helped me I think very quickly get the hang of riding it.  Now instead of just about everyone on a bicycle overtaking me, including once a guy with only one leg, now I just whizzed past them all, including the local lycra set, giving them all just a hint of a polite wave.  Not having a car turned into lots of fun and really only a very minor inconvenience.


I went on quite a few longer rides into the hinterland of the NSW Far North Coast. These were great riding experiences and no hill seemed too daunting for the trusty Bullet.


I had a few teething problems with the bike when I first bought it, some created by my own driving errors but Giacomo was very attentive in fixing these problems, including usually picking up my bike from my place and delivering it back.  He seemed to sort of take it personally when one of his darlings was not working perfectly and his attention to detail was excellent.


On a couple of occasions I even had to remind him that I should really pay for repairs that were due to my stupidity and for routine maintenance, not him.


Probably the only real inconvenience was all the people who wanted to start conversations with me about the bike, just about every time I stopped anywhere half populated.


When I got my licence back, I got lazy again, I must admit and didn’t continue riding much, so I reluctantly decided to sell my bike.  A couple of friends were interested. One offered a silly price and the other changed his mind, so I got Giacomo to sell it for me and he pretty quickly got me a price that I was very happy with.


Robert Rosen

Brunswick Heads

Giacomo took my sad, dilapidated, rusty old bike and, for a very reasonable price and in no time at all, transformed it into a happy, sleek and shiny machine.

I love my new bicycle and can’t believe it is even related to its old self. He even added a basket at the front so I can do my shopping at the local farmers’ market, meaning that I’m buying locally and not using my car to do so — a double win for the environment.

I would recommend his services to anyone with any  bicycle-related needs — motorized or otherwise.

Grazie Giacomo!

Louise McCabe

New Brighton, NSW

Hi Giacomo,Finally made it to the letterbox after the holiday period and found your postpak saturated but still readable. Thanks alot for that specially fabricated marine grade stainless steel bolt & locnut etc. I got that chain adjusted up which made a big difference….i never ended up taking a link out of either chain however i feel that the next time i will need to do that. I moved the adjuster wheel rearward a slight amount which was also very helpful.I have put in a few good rides between the wet weather bouts and that bike is just a dream ride…i am so happy with it. I did get caught out in a fairly heavy storm the other day so as soon as i got home i gave her a good wash and dry. Right now she’s sitting in the lounge room with my sons peewee 50 which i got him for christmas…. He said to me the other day “hey dad, when you die can i have the bullet”. He has had more rides on my bike than his own pedal bike.  I attach a picture of The Bullet in Darwin.
Other than that all is well up this way, Hope you and your family had a good time over the break and that the new year treats you all well.Thanks again for the bolt, Take care.Calvino.
 Darwin NT Australia

1 year old Billinudgel Bullet in Darwin NT

 Hello Giacomo,

All is well with the bullet…it has really been a trouble free ride. Just keeps chugging along and looking good, I get passed by guys and girls on harleys giving me the thumbs up, they love it as much as i do. I go to the Parap markets on a saturday morning and the amount of people that pull up and ask about her is incredible. An old guy came up at Bunnings Warehouse a few weeks back and asked if you would build him a 3 wheel version of the bullet. He wrote your number down and i told him to give you a call and see what happens. The bike really does stand out up here, it is just such a good looking bike. I bought myself a 2 timer pump by Topeak…a great little pump which so far i havent had to use but i did get to use it on my son’s bike and it works a treat. My tail light ended up breaking, my fault for not being more careful when removing it but i invested in another tailight called a smart light super flash for 30 bucks, it just wrecks your eyeballs if you look directly at it.

Over all it is a great bike and I am more than happy. I spend a good amount of time cleaning after riding so she looks brand new still. So thanks again Giacomo and all the best to you and your loved ones for the christmas and new year period

Calvin Jones




FONO: 02 6680 5740

or, if calling from outside Australia:  (612) 805740

CELLULARE:  o431 417588

or, if calling from outside Australia:  +61431 417588

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  1. John O'Connor permalink
    July 29, 2010 9:05 pm

    These testimonies really speak well of your product and I actually know one of the authors so I’m now formally ordering my own Fosscati FG4 Indian Pacific.

    • July 30, 2010 7:18 pm

      Ok John that’s lovely to hear -I’ve got one on the go now with your name written on it. Come to the workshop ASAP and I’ll measure you up for it and talk about the gearing options and optional fittings etc.

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