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What Makes A Fosscati Bike Different?

Apart from the fact that Fosscati offer an UNLIMITED 12 month warranty on our 4 stroke FG4 motored bikes and a very reasonable warranty on all 2-strokes,  which basically speaks for itself in terms of our confidence in the quality of our Motorized Bicycles, but there are so many other things that make any Fosscati bike utterly superior to the hastily assembled and inferior bikes of our competition.

Want to read about the sort of competition we are talking about?   Then click this link to find out for yourself.
 Most importantly, Fosscati Motored Bicycles are designed & built by someone who has ridden tens of thousands of kilometers on those very bikes and that makes all the difference in the world!  If you see the Fosscati logo on the tank you know you are looking at quality and quality that has an unlimited warranty.
Limited warranties are mostly worthless and allow the vendor many ways out of replacing defective componentry.  Unlimited Warranty is a measure of our own confidence in what we build.
Add to this the fantastic back-up service that Fosscati Motorised Bikes provides to all customers. With a full service log kept for every Fosscati sold and serviced that can be passed on if the bike is later sold.  If you own a Fosscati you will find that no problem is too much for us and we will always help Fosscati owners with any problem as well as full bicycle servicing to keep your machine in the best condition.

REMEMBER THIS says Giacomo:

“Good bikes aren’t cheap, & cheap bikes aren’t good! “

Special Extras included on all Fosscati FG4 Motorised Bicycles
  • High Quality bikes used – not cheap inferior bikes;
  • One piece wide crank used on 4-stroke cruisers(not ugly 3 piece kit crank);
  • Thornproof heavy duty tubes and anti-puncture slime inserted in all tyres to eliminate punctures;
  • 5 times thicker rear thornproof tube & slime used on rear tyres of all 4-strokes
  • Hand fabricated 316 marine grade stainless steel sprocket clamp with special Fosscati sprocket to fit Shimano Nexus muli-geared hub;

Special part fabrication in 316 Stainless for Fosscati FG4 Billinudgel Bullet


  • Best quality horn or bell included;
Old style air horn
  •  Best quality alloy suspended saddle post including top quality sprung saddle chosen for comfort and to match the bike;
  • When it comes to saddles Fosscati always consider the bottom line!

Top quality double sprung-saddle with alloy suspension post;

At Fosscati we care passionately about the bottom line!

  • Best quality alloy rear rack provided if bicycle doesn’t come with its own rack;
  • Pedal gearing specially adapted to give good cadence at speed;
  • Respoking rear wheel with DT Swiss stainless steel 14g World’s best quality spokes for added strength;
  • Whole drivetrain mounted with great precision to ensure best line of operation – takes a full days work to get best possible alignment;
Great care is taken getting the engine & drivetrain aligned to perfection.
  • Hand-made stainless steel strap for exhaust – (not thin galv. steel) and s’steel M8 bolt, washer and locnut fixings;

Fosscati hand-made 316 stainless exhaust strap with s'steel bolt, washer and locnut fixings

  • We use Australian high-tensile steel to hand-make the engine fixing studs (no inferior foreign steel with meaningless spec);
  • Threadlock inserted on all key fixings;

Fosscati make their own studs ONLY from Australian high-tensile steel.

  • Locnuts on end of engine tray fixing bolts – does not rely on threads in aluminium mounting blocks which strip very quickly;
Others might deem steel bolts threaded into aluminium acceptable but it’s not acceptable at Fosscati. Giacomo puts Nyloc nuts on the end of these bolts to make a solid fixing.
  • 3-ply 7mm thick dense rubber mounting shield between tray mounts and frame tubes to minimise vibration & protect frame;
  • Special brackets hand-fabricated galv steel to ensure 2-stroke engines are mounted to grip downtube without damage;
  • Engine mounting spacers hand fabricated and machined from aluminium billet;

Engine mounting spacer machined from aluminium billet, bracket hand fabricated from galv steel, fixing bolts 12.9 high tensile Australian steel - BUILT TO LAST BY FOSSCATI

  • Fuel tanks hand sprayed to computer-match frame colour, kreamed on the inside and mounted on high density neoprene adhesive strip to give good fix without stressing tank legs – other Fosscati quality additions are visible in the picture below;

It's all finished to the highest standards

316 Stainless - only the best from Fosscati

  • Quality Japanese fuel filters included;
  • Quality Yamaha fuel line included – not cheap perishable plastic;
Quality fuel line & filter included.
  • Quality Japanese 415 chain;
  • Steel fender cut to accommodate chain and resprayed  with 2 coats of primer & gloss paint to match existing;

Mudguard cut and spray painted to match with 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of gloss

Engine covers sprayed to match bike colours

Engine cases spray painted to match frames

Bicycle motors are set up to perfection during installation with wiring & connections done to Fosscati’s demanding standards;Fosscati use Yamaha or Suzuki kill switches on bike engines

Fosscati drill holes in centrifugal clutch to improve performance and responsiveness;

This shaft key is on the drive train sprocket shaft and is designed to be sacraficial

  • The sacraficial shaft key on the drive sprocket can break if gears are engaged improperly at high revs. All Fosscati 4-stroke owners are allowed one free fix if this happens. It normally only happens once, if at all, because once you break it you learn how not to break it again.
  • Disassemble & reassemble Schwinn dual sprung cruiser saddle securely with loctite because they come undone over time without this;
  • Best of British hand-made Brooks of England leather saddle available as an optional extra. This is the largest saddle Brooks have ever made and is supremely comfortable;

Hand-made B190 leather saddle from Brooks of England.

  •  Good quality rear LED lights specially mounted on all Fosscati bikes
  • Fosscati also provide optional extra front lights. Australian-Made LED lights by Ay Up are the latest technology and have a much longer burn time.  They really are amazingly good and, unlike the HID and Halogen makers, Ay Up do not discontinue models every year and refuse to supply batteries and fittings for old stock like most of the other brand name manufacturers.

Ay Up Lights – the best Bike Lighting System available


When it comes to front lights HID or Halogen used to be only ones that cut it but now we use the Australian-Made Ay-Up LED twin set with much longer burn time and incredible lumen power.

Fosscati use the possum-frazzling Ay-Up LED Australian Hi-Tec headlights.

A really good rear light is of critical safety importance.

Mounted neatly and securely using a Fosscati fabricated mounting method.

  • Rear reflector mounted on mudguards;
We absolutely insist on good visibility from the rear at Fosscati it is totally life-saving at night. Most cycle fatalities are hit from behind.
  • Quality mudguards;
  • Chain stretched and shortened to fit before delivery of bike;
  • Chain greased with high quality Belray silicon chain lubricant that doesn’t splatter or drip off chain;
  • Pedal chain lubricated with the very best hi-tec invisible ‘Gold’ lubricant.
  • 250 km road tests to iron out any idiosyncrasies that occur on any hand-built bike  – that means we get everything set up to perfection before final hand-over;

A bike isn't ready for handover until Giacomo says it is. He's a fastidious bugger is Giacomo!

  • Engine oil changed after first hour of use during road testing phase;
  • 15 kg rare earth magnet inserted into oil sump plug to attract any metallic particles in oil because small engines have no oil filter;
It’s the attention to detail and to quality that makes a Fosscati unique.
  • All brightwork sprayed with Lanox lanolin anti-corrosion protection;
  • Front halogen lights and waterproof panniers available as an extra at heavly discounted price;
  • Parrafin soaked rag included under all saddles for cleaning the bike;
  • 12 month unlimited warranty with additional 24/7 roadside assistance anywhere in Byron Shire included with every 4-stroke;  3 months warranty on 2-stroke engines and 6 months on the bicycle.
  • Free membership of The Fosscati Bikie Gang (aka: The Mild Bunch) including our seasonal rallies and our Fosscati Big Day Out.  For more information on The Fosscati Gang see:

Note:  All of the above are only some of the many things that make a Fosscati different to other bikes.  The improved quality has evolved because I have personally ridden over 40,000 kms on motored bicycles and I really know what I’m talking about.  I have learnt to include these extra quality components because I KNOW it makes a big difference to reliability, safety and comfort.   Transport your spirit as well as your body with Fosscati quality!

It has to be the best if it's got Fosscati decals.

Experience The Freedom of Fosscati for yourself ,,,,,,   CLICK HERE

Portrait of the young Giacomo painted by his friend Pablo


FONO: 02 6680 5740  or, if calling from outside Australia:  (612) 805740

CELLULARE:  o431 417588  or, if calling from outside Australia:  +61431 417588



FORZA FOSSCATI – THE MOVIE: You can see Giacomo Fosscati leisurely riding two different Fosscati 4 strokes – The FG4 Billinudgel Bullet and the FG4 Indian Pacific in and around Mullumbimby NSW.  The Movie is called FORZA FOSSCATI .

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  1. Nanette McCarthy permalink
    April 30, 2010 8:30 pm

    I can clearly see from the above that a Fosscati motorised bike is about reliability and quality. This page tells me what I need to know. I love the bike models – they are just beautiful – but I especially like the ladies rear-engined models.

  2. April 30, 2010 11:38 pm

    Thanks Nanette, the ladies bikes are quiet, reliable and very easy to ride. The rear mounted motor is so comfortable I’ve used one on my tandem.

  3. September 1, 2010 6:02 am

    I found your web page trolling the internet today. I’m quite interested in building a four stroke powered Schwin Cruiser. I would require your four stroke kit and wonder if it is available less items available here in the States, for example, the fuel tank and perhaps even the Honda GXH engine. Of courses my thoughts are to reduce bulk and shipping costs. I an a retired mechanical engineer and have normal shop equipment. If this is all possible, please quote price, delivery and shipping and handling costs..Thank You!

    Jim Cavanaugh

    • September 1, 2010 1:19 pm

      Jimbo, I will reply in a separate email at length.

  4. Glen Stevens permalink
    November 21, 2010 1:18 pm

    Giacomo, I can see clearly what you mean here by quality. I don’t doubt the fact that you have done tens of thousands of miles on your bikes without any more than routine maintenance. I mean what’s the point of a bike that breaks – it wouldn’t be sustainable – in fact it would be totally unsustainable. I’ll email you to see what you reckon I shouyld get for myself and my lady.

  5. Alfonso di Sicilia permalink
    January 6, 2011 8:04 am

    Delighted to see a quality product of style, elegance and sustainability in Australia!

    Are your bikes too heavy to be mounted on the rear bicycle rack of an autombile..I have a vintage Maserati (modified for low emissions) and the Foscatti would be perfect to reduce my carbon footprint and give me a bit of exercise around the village

    • January 6, 2011 10:15 pm

      Thanks for your compliments re Australian quality Alfonso – unfortunately not all of my suppliers are Australian and many of them have the ethics of an alley cat but I try very hard to make up for their questionable ethics by improving their shonky goods to an acceptable Australian standard. A rear bike rack might be OK for a 2-stroke Alfonso if it was a very robust rack but the 4-strokes would definitely require a trailer as per the FBM Trailer shown at bottom of 2-stroke page. My Billinudgel Bullet could probably tow your Maserati faster than it could tow the Bullet! 🙂

  6. Paul Biggar permalink
    February 20, 2011 2:39 pm

    This page really is impressive. I love your bikes Giacomo and the passion you instill into every bike. It really is worth going the extra mile if you want the bike to do likewise!
    Congratulations for your dedication.

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